Exercises of yoga to lose weight at home

Exercises of yoga to lose weight at home

yoga is a traditional, natural, millennial and alternative therapy and technique that offers a number of benefits, therapeutic virtues and health properties for those who practice it regularly. It is a technique that, together, attempts to work the union of the body with soul and mind and, in turn, with itself and with the universe. For this, the Hindus clearly define what is their division: a simple fiction, "the illusion of reality."

I mean, it's a unique technique that works together with the body, mind, and spirit of the person who practices it regularly, helping us maintain proper practical and intuitive knowledge, and it is especially useful to help us discover what we want in life what is our purpose and where we should go. We are as we first showed before a millennial discipline from India. There is a history that has a tradition of 5000 years, although, depending on the place where it is practiced, we find varied and different variants. In fact, there are archaeological evidence dating back to 3000 BCE (found in Saraswati) and the Indus Valley, consisting of carved stones that reproduce some positions practiced in Yoga.

In this case, there are many benefits of Yoga, at the same time it can even be practiced by the little ones to help them calm down when they are very hyperactive, to study better or even to get better rest. For example, it helps to improve the muscular tone, flexibility and body condition in general, in addition to producing a change of energy in our body and manages to harmonize body and mind.

But, did you know that yoga helps lose weight? It is a useful technique to help us get rid of weight when we follow a weight loss diet that also allows us to reach our goals because we work mentally on harmonizing the body with the mind. This is not so difficult for us to follow a strict diet at the same time that, for example, we change our habits and start exercising. What Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight Are There?

Useful yoga exercises to lose weight

MATSYASANA or Fish Rock helps to regulate the functioning of the pineal, pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands and is additionally useful to eliminate the stiffness of the cervical, lumbar and dorsal regions. To do this, you have to sit with your right legs, leaning your hands to the edge of your hips and your elbows tilted back. Tilt your back and bring your head back by supporting the crown on the carpet or blanket you are in.

Breathe deeply and close your eyes, concentrating on the solar plexus. Hold a few seconds in this position. Now support your forearms on the floor as you inhale, taking your head up and on the floor.
Keep the column in the air and the expiration now supports your back, shoulders, and finally the head. Relax.

Viparita Karani Mudra
Exercise Viparita Karani Mudrasau Reversed Pelvian Position It is a posture that, among other things, helps to regulate the thyroid gland besides sexual ones. On the other hand, it is useful to recover vitality, which is why it is called the "position of youth"....

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