How To Prevent Excessive Weight With These 7 Tips

How To Prevent Excessive Weight With These 8 Tips
Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may be harmful to health. Moreover, it is a consequence of several serious illnesses that could lead to the development of different types of cancers. Therefore, preventing excess weight is very important to get health, physically and psychologically. To know if we are overweight, we need to know the weight divided by the square. When the result is equal to or less than 25, our weight is correct, but if it is from 26 to 29, then we can be overweight and things go by. If you pass these figures, we talk about obesity.

An illness in the alert
It is estimated that obesity is involved in one of 20 cancers. In some countries, the risk of overweight is higher, especially in developed countries and, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), overweight is linked to the development of diseases such as diabetes and the pressure that, in the long run , can cause death.
1. Eat a healthy diet

When we eat properly, that is, based on foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet, as recognized by the WHO, we can cope with the reduction in excess weight. This is to consume seasonal products and land, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. A varied and balanced diet is the best way to prevent overweight. Otherwise, with a diet rich in animal protein, processed, fats and sugars, excess weight, and therefore high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and pancreatic or osteoarthritis conditions develop.

2. Exercise regularly

Healthy eating is not enough to be healthy and to lead an optimal lifestyle. To deal with overweight it is necessary to exercise weekly. If it's better every day, but if we can not do it about three days a week.There are many ways to do sports, from more specific routines in the gym, to swimming, dancing, walking ... in short, on the move. Exercise exercise should be instilled from very small because overweight can already occur in children.
3. Fibers consumption

Foods rich in fiber are distinguished among the foods we eat to deal with overweight. We can find it in many foods, such as fruits, vegetables, green and raw vegetables, and whole grains. The fiber helps to regulate the intestine, makes our digestion difficult and eliminates toxins more quickly.

4. Abandon bad habits

A sedentary life is responsible for increasing excess weight in the population. And if we add smoking and drink to him, then the risk is higher. To lead a healthy life is to put aside tobacco and alcohol. In the same way we will reduce the consumption of salt, fats and sugars.

5. Full breakfast

Many people think that breakfast is not a good habit and that you can lose weight. But this statement is not correct because a consistent breakfast is recommended to have the necessary force. Then you can eat something at midnight, you can have lunch, take a snack, and finally you will have dinner.
That is, you can make 5 meals a day, but a moderate amount (except breakfast that has to be very complete). Oatmeal with apples and honey, ideal breakfast
6. Always chew slowly without hurry

It is true that we are eating very fast now because of the level of living we have. Even so we should try to eat slowly, taste the food and chew properly.

7. Diet is always with the recognition of a professional

If we thought about the diet to reduce the fat, we can not do it for free. We will need the advice of a professional to follow the diet we ask for. Each person is different and there are no general diets that work for everyone.. Educate yourself from home, school, or society .A good diet and performance of continuous exercise is something to be instilled from the little ones at home. It's part of an education not to encourage overweight. Start at home, throughout the family, continue to school to continue in other social groups.

How to know if we are overweight
To know if we have fat excess or not, it is extremely useful to apply one of the most commonly used formulas to this effect (you can also use the IMC Calculator).

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