Useful tips to improve slow digestion

Useful tips to improve slow digestion

Some people suffer from slow digestion and this can have enormous consequences that cause other illnesses and illnesses. Easy digestion is a problem that affects more people, due in part to poor diets.
But they are a treatment and can be cured due to the doctor's advice and natural remedies to help slow digestion.

What is slow digestion and what causes it?
Foods, when delivered to the body, are absorbed and nutrients are sent to the organs through the blood. When the digestive system does not work properly, this function is also not good when we say it is a slow or inactive digestive system.

The causes of slow digestion are variable and depend on each person, body, circumstances and associated diseases.

Constipation is a possible causeWith this, food accumulates in the stomach and the intestine suffers when it does not defect properly. On the contrary, diarrhea is another disorder related to the digestive system that can cause slow digestion.

A bad diet, composed exclusively of foods rich in fat, salt and protein, can cause slow digestion. Depending on the person, these foods can be more complicated and harder to digest.

Another cause can be presented by the different stages we live in. This is the case of pregnancy, being a fairly normal symptom or cause, especially in the first and second trimesters.

For this, you should avoid heavy meals, drink water, exercise regularly and / or consult your doctor if it is temporary for several months, will be prolonged throughout pregnancy or may be prolonged over time.

In the elderly, digestion can be much slower and more cumbersome, by slowing daily action, less exercise and eating.

Certain drugs are a direct cause of slow digestion. In this case, they may be antibiotics and analgesics, but taken on a regular basis. Normally, before you stop taking these medicines, the problem disappears, but it is better to consult your doctor to change the medicine.

Symptoms of slow digestion
Like causes, the symptoms of slow digestion are more and depend on each person. Normally, when there is a slow and hard digestion, usually the abdomen and stomach pains, the urge to vomit, accompanied by fatigue.

It also highlights fatigue, swelling of the stomach, along with gas, which is quite common when digestion is slow. This is accompanied by burning and constipation, among others.

How to Prevent Slow Digestion
Certain habits will help prevent this type of digestion. At first, we need to pay special attention to food and avoid fatty and heavy meals, especially if we know we are not feeling well.

Avoid certain beverages with gas and sugar, as well as coffee and alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber to improve the digestion process. It is also advisable to give you daily water to improve intestinal transit.

It is also important to always eat at the same time, make five meals a day, without being rich, slow chewing, eat slowly, without weight, and have a rich variety of fruits, vegetables and fish. Regular exercise and healthy lifestyle are also solutions for heavy and slow digestion.

Natural Remedies for Lightening Slow Digestion
Some doctors recommend taking probiotics and prebiotics that improve intestinal flora. We can find this in fiber rich foods, in yoghurt, as well as in some green vegetables and leafy vegetables.

Also, infusions are good, especially anise, chamomile, mint, fennel, sweet wood, meat, ginger and flax or chi seeds that are used to a great extent for various food flavors.

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